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Pool Supplies Arizona


Taking care of your pool is certainly an important factor to keep this home feature in good condition throughout the years. If you want to guarantee maximum protection and safety for the pool area, it’s very important to make sure that cleaning and repair are done on a regular basis. This will give you peace of mind that your property is well taken care of.

Although it’s very possible to do the maintenance yourself, it might take a toll on you with all the effort and time required. It’s still best to connect with a professional service provider such as Pool Supplies Arizona to ensure you get the best support and help.

Services include:

  • Weekly pool maintenance
  • Pools repairs and troubleshooting
  • Pool opening
  • Pool closing
  • Upgrades to equipment
  • Leak detection and leak repairs
  • Heater and pump repairs by factory-trained
  • New plumbing
  • Services for hospitals, clubs, and therapy pools
  • Alternative sanitizers
  • Chemicals and parts


We can send your custom pool in one piece or if the application requires we can amass the materials nearby. A pool built by Custom Pool Builders Arizona is tough and safe. It won't blur, split or strip.

Pool Supplies Arizona


Our services include testing the levels of chemicals and adding the right chemicals to prevent any microbe development. This involves cleaning the filter cartridges which guarantees the right amount of water pressure in your swimming pool. You also need to make a regular appointment for cleaning the bottom floor by vacuum or brushing and skimming the top water of the pool.

We offer premium quality pool products and supplies that will serve as a great help to address any cleaning concerns and repair. The pool area will significantly improve the value of your property so you have to pay attention to its maintenance regularly. Pool Construction Baltimore has a variety of pool supplies that can keep your pool clean and fresh.
1. Water Test Strips - It’s essential to be aware of the quality of your pool water which is why you need to test it at least once a week. This will help you determine the level of chemicals needed to keep the water safe from any contaminant collection.

2. Pool Shock
- Without proper chemical treatment, your pool will suffer from a lot of unsafe factors that might end up harming you or your family members. Make sure to use pool shock which can help kill bacteria to guarantee safe and clean swimming. This also ensures that the water is thoroughly sanitized to avoid any infections or diseases.

3. Algae Brush
- You’ll certainly need special care once algae start showing up in your pool. Having the right tools and equipment can make the cleaning easier and more convenient if you decide to do it yourself.

4. Manual Vacuum
- After brushing off the algae from the surrounding pool area, it’s now important to get rid of it from the water. Use a manual vacuum cleaner to ensure that the task gets done properly and you’ll be able to remove all the dirt from the water.

5. Telescoping Pole
- This tool is best to reach for the deeper parts of the pool area so that it will be more convenient on your part. You don’t have to bend over to do the difficult tasks of cleaning the area. It’s also very easy to put away because it doesn’t take up too much space.

We still highly recommend getting in touch with our experts so you’ll be properly guided. We offer the latest products and equipment to assist you with your needs. Contact our specialists to know more about the details of our services.
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