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Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Pools

Inground Pool Arizona has helped homeowners in Arizona to enhance their backyard by installing the best inground pool in the area. We offer installation of various inground pools-- from Concrete to Fiberglass pools. One of the most popular choices among homeowners in Arizona is the fiberglass pool.

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Pros of Fiberglass Pools


1. Easy Maintenance

One of the main reasons why the fiberglass pool is popular is its easy cleaning and minimal maintenance feature. It has a gel coat finish, which gives a smooth and shiny surface and making it hard for algae to adhere as it diminishes nasty algae bloom and helps to control this perennial nuisance. And with a fiberglass pool, it is easier to balance the water because it does not have minerals that can affect the water.

Another good thing with the gel-coat is that it is skin-friendly. You will glide smoothly over this velvety surface if you rub against it while swimming. However, you should apply a non-skid application to areas where you need to grip, such as stairs and walkways.

Gel coat can also withstand harsh weather conditions and the test of time.

2. Flexible Installation

You can install a fiberglass pool whether you are starting new construction or fitting a pool into an existing space; you can install it almost anywhere. It can also be delivered in sections and built on-site if you want something bigger but do not have access to get the pool into the available space. And aside from flexible installation, a fiberglass pool is also quick to install.

3. Durable

You do not have to replaster with the fiberglass pool from time to time, unlike the gunite and cement pool. Fiberglass pools last a very long time that sometimes people take them if they move.

4. Customization

Another benefit that homeowners get from installing fiberglass is it is highly customizable. You are not tied up with pre-built layouts, colors, or tile combinations. So, you have the freedom of your design and the ability to customize your fiberglass pool to match it with your interior walls or coping with your home decor.

5. Environmental and Cost Friendly

Fiberglass pool uses fewer chemicals and less heat compared to a traditional gunite pool. Most fiberglass pool is insulated, and sometimes it is made with a solid wood core, making it superior in temperature retention.

You do not have to fill your pool more often as the gel coats protect against moisture absorption, making this pool better for the environment and your wallet.
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Cons of Fiberglass Pool


1. Limited size and shape

Limited size and shape Pools constructed with fiberglass are typically made with molds; therefore, it can be sometimes limited when it comes to shape and size. The molds control the size and shape of the pool. You can only choose from the choices offered by the manufacturer. However, this is only restrictive in shape and size. The pool’s interior can still be custom built with steps, platforms, colors, deep wells, and more.

2. Required Installation Expertise

Installing fiberglass requires specific expertise since most companies offer gunite and cement pool installation, and some of them do not have experts familiar with fiberglass installation. Inground Pool Arizona has experts who are specialized in fiberglass pool installation. .

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