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Visualize a hot summer day, you and your loved ones are lounging and swimming in your pool under the hot summer rays. Want to make this a reality? We can help make that happen here at Top Pool Builder Chandler AZ. Utilizing our expertise in the pool industry, we will ensure that you will get the pool of your dreams and enhance your property!

Building a new pool takes skill and expertise. Proper pool construction means managing many aspects of the project in order to guarantee that the final product will be completed in a timely manner as well as at the highest quality. If you're planning to add a pool to your property, you should get in touch with one of our contractors for the best service and final results. Contact us for a quote.

Pool Builder Chandler AZ

Swimming Pool Construction


Engineering Plans - Working with professional people in the industry is a must because they’ll be the ones to handle the paperwork for you. Acquiring all the necessary permits to get the project started should be managed by the experts. Our specialists will discuss the details of the process with you thoroughly.

Designing Layout - We set up an initial appointment with you to discuss your plans and ideas for the pool. Once you approve of the design, we can work out the specifications that are suitable for your property. This also ensures that the design is compatible with your overall landscape.

Excavating - The excavation will usually take on average 2-3 working days on an average. Our excavation crew will be at your property to work on the digging and make sure that the site is ready for the construction with our well trained crew.

Setting Equipment - Plumbing is very crucial in every pool construction which is one reason why our experts make sure to design an effective system suitable for your property. It’s a guarantee that your plumbing will be secure and in good condition throughout the years.

Structural Steeling - A steel reinforcement will be structured for the shell of your pool to make sure that it has the right amount of strength and foundation. This also requires very specific engineering to make sure that it lasts.

Electric Wiring - Another crucial factor in building a pool is setting up proper wiring to ensure that electrical concerns are addressed appropriately. An inspection will be done to ensure that all the connections are proper to avoid dangerous incidents that might threaten your safety.

Adding Shotcrete - This is the process of shooting concrete to form the shell of your pool through a high-pressure hose. This process involves having the concrete rest for a week while lightly watering it a couple of times per day so it can properly cure.

Installing Water Features - Having wonderful water features will certainly add more aesthetic design to your property. The designs will greatly depend on your preference and it’s something you can work out with our experts at Pool Builder Chandler AZ.

Decking - The choice for the deck will also depend on you so it is important to weigh your options properly. You might want to discuss this more thoroughly with our experts so that your ideas will be incorporated in the design.

Cleaning Up - The project is almost complete! The crew will move all the waste and debris left from the construction to prepare the site and the pool for the final completion stages and draw its completion. It is to avoid leaving any harmful materials that can cause accidents.

Pool Surfacing - You also need to choose the right finishing to match your landscape. Once the finish is applied, it should be cured for 24 hours to make sure that the results will come out nicely. Our experts will then apply the acid wash.

Filling Up - It’s our responsibility to make sure that the water chemistry in your pool meets proper standards. Our experts already know what to do and can get the job done effectively so it will be ready for you to take a plunge in your new pool.